By specializing in scheduled routes, Golden Eagle guarantees that yours will begin and end when you need it to.
Inter-office Courier

If you have multiple offices we can pick-up and deliver your payroll, mail, files, HR and data. We know your business and ensure that everything is moved securely and efficiently.


Banking Services

Golden Eagle will take your deposits to the bank, deposit both checks and cash, and return receipts the same day. This can save you more than an hour a day.

Mail Pick-up and Drop Off

We can pick-up from your post office box straight to you. Companies that get regular certified or other types of mail that must be signed for use us to save hours every week.

On Call Service

Need something done stat?! Call us! Your regular courier is also on call during our business hours. We can pick-up, drop off, or even get a signature - with little notice.



When it comes to making your business run smoothly and efficiently we know that timing is crucial to that end. Whether it be a daily bank deposit, a post office run, inter-office courier service to multiple locations, hospital billing, X-Ray deliveries, chart runs, handling of specimens, medical records – if it can be scheduled, we can do it, and usually for less than our competitors!


Scheduled Route Service / Route Management


When you have a recurring pick-up or delivery need, Golden Eagle is the company or you.  We have worked with all types of courier and routes services.  Your personal route manager knows your business.  Working with your team every day, they develop an understanding of your needs and can adapt their process to give you exactly what you need